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The right knowledge can empower you to become more independent and less reliant on professionals. With the increasing complexity of the healthcare system, it pays to have a team who will help you to be your own best advocate. Each patient of ours is given the tools and knowledge to enjoy a pain-free future.

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This is YOUR page. In this section of the site, we’ll deliver regular, valuable information to help you manage your physical wellbeing. This information might come in the form of blog posts, videos of corrective exercises, links to cost-effective equipment for your home program or assistance in paying your bill online.

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Patient Testimonial: Paige V.

“Nothing but amazing feedback for Kim and the rest of the team at Alliance! I had been having back/upper body/tension headache issues for a couple years. I had previously gone through other physical therapy offices, chiropractors, primary care physicians, and etc- I would graduate or end my treatment cycle, and end up back in pain […]

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The World Keeps Spinning, You Shouldn’t Too

Vertigo Symptoms and Vestibular Rehabilitation Vertigo is defined as a sensation of whirling and loss of balance caused by disease affecting the inner ear or the vestibular nerve. Basically, this means you feel like the world around you, or yourself, are moving, though they are not. To those who have experienced it, vertigo is extremely […]

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New Year’s Resolution? Or Lifelong Path?

Our body is a system designed for movement. It houses our organs and our brain, it is the vehicle of what and who we are. Here in Maine, we can put our cars in garages in the winter, we wash them to keep them to keep the salt off the body and engine and we […]

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Patient Profile: Joseph G.

Every once in a while a challenge comes our way and our expertise is put to the test. The team at Alliance Physical Therapy always rises to meet the challenge. The human body needs time to heal, but what if you don’t have time? Joseph came to Alliance PT with such a challenge. He was […]

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Patient Profile: Joann L.

It can be a truly scary feeling to have your first episode of severe low back pain. Most people respond by either resting completely or pushing through it. Those who push through it will often resort to doing lots of “stretches” in an effort to make it feel better. While this helps in some cases, […]

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Reflecting on National PT Month and the PT Profession

October of each year is National Physical Therapy Month – an annual opportunity to recognize the Physical Therapy profession’s efforts to “transform society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience.” (APTA President Sharon Dunn). It’s a time that we as PT’s reflect on the ways that we are improving the health, mobility, and quality […]

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Value 3 – Outcome Oriented Service

Not more paperwork? If you come to Alliance Physical Therapy as a patient, you will find you have some additional paperwork to complete. Before you roll your eyes or wonder if you are buying a used car – let me show you how valuable it is to you. In today’s blog, we explore the third […]

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Announcing Free Consultations!

Feeling held back by pain? Injury keeping you from recreation or sport? Day-to-day life limited by lack of mobility? Alliance Physical Therapy is happy to introduce free consultations! You may have noticed our social media posts last week or seen the tab on our website. Why are you offering it? We have often heard from […]

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Patient Profile: Brooke Bickford

Here at Alliance Physical Therapy, we love working with individuals – including student-athletes – to get them back on the court, back on the field, and back on the ice. Brooke is a high school basketball player who came to us with limited motion and pain in her left knee. She couldn’t run or walk […]

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