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The right knowledge can empower you to become more independent and less reliant on professionals. With the increasing complexity of the healthcare system, it pays to have a team who will help you to be your own best advocate. Each patient of ours is given the tools and knowledge to enjoy a pain-free future.

Everything you need to know

This is YOUR page. In this section of the site, we’ll deliver regular, valuable information to help you manage your physical wellbeing. This information might come in the form of blog posts, videos of corrective exercises, links to cost-effective equipment for your home program or assistance in paying your bill online.

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Patient Testimonial: Paige V.

Patient Testimonial: Paige V.

"Nothing but amazing feedback for Kim and the rest of the team at Alliance! I had been having back/upper body/tension headache issues for a couple years. I had previously gone through other physical therapy offices, chiropractors, primary care physicians, and etc- I...

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The World Keeps Spinning, You Shouldn’t Too

The World Keeps Spinning, You Shouldn’t Too

Vertigo Symptoms and Vestibular Rehabilitation Vertigo is defined as a sensation of whirling and loss of balance caused by disease affecting the inner ear or the vestibular nerve. Basically, this means you feel like the world around you, or yourself, are moving,...

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New Year’s Resolution? Or Lifelong Path?

New Year’s Resolution? Or Lifelong Path?

Our body is a system designed for movement. It houses our organs and our brain, it is the vehicle of what and who we are. Here in Maine, we can put our cars in garages in the winter, we wash them to keep them to keep the salt off the body and engine and we service...

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Pay your bill online

We’re all about simplicity and our online payment system is designed to take the headache out of managing your bill. Specifically developed for patients, click below to find out more about how this streamlined system works.

Patient forms

New patient Intake Forms

New Patient Intake Form

Any new patient will need to fill in this form when making an appointment. Why not save time by printing and filling in the form at home before bringing it to your appointment?

Patient Testimonial Photo Release Form

If you are a past patient and would like to provide a photograph and testimonial for use on the Alliance Physical Therapy website and/or social media sites please download, complete, sign and return this release form along with your photo and testimonial.

Medical Release Authorization Form

Any patient who wants to have their medical records released will need to fill in this form and provide it to Alliance Physical Therapy before any records can be released.

New Patient Medicare Questionnaire

Are you covered by Medicare? If so, please also download and fill in this separate, simple questionnaire.

Patient Testimonial Template

We became physical therapists to make a difference in people’s lives. Sharing your story motivates us to keep doing what we do and provides encouragement to others who have pain and disability. YOU are our single most important marketing tool.

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