“Nothing but amazing feedback for Kim and the rest of the team at Alliance! I had been having back/upper body/tension headache issues for a couple years. I had previously gone through other physical therapy offices, chiropractors, primary care physicians, and etc- I would graduate or end my treatment cycle, and end up back in pain shortly after. Kim was different in that she really helped me identify the root cause of my pain so that I didn’t continue towards further injury. Reasons why this is my favorite physical therapy office:

1. She noticed issues with my posture that had never once been pointed out to me by other medical professionals… after resuming normal exercise with no return of pain, I’m convinced her assessment was the key!

2. The whole staff here is so friendly and professional and they offer a truly robust set of treatments that just work. Strengthening exercises, stretches, tissue massage, dry needles, cupping, body adjustments, etc. It’s really a one stop shop..no need to see an additional massage therapist, chiro, etc.

3. I always found scheduling to be flexible and attainable. My appointments always started on time and were efficient. Most people I know go to their PT appointments begrudgingly and I always looked forward to mine and how great I felt afterward.”

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