We’ve said it many times before and we hope to say it a number of times more — we are so very proud that treatments provided by a physical therapist here at Alliance Physical Therapy have helped a number of individuals – including student-athletes – get back to being healthy, happy, and performing at their optimal levels.

Miles is terrific high school lacrosse player – and heading to Boston University after his high school years – who came to us suffering from both pars syndrome (leading to back pain) and Osgood-Schlatters (knee pain). Of course, as he was playing – particularly shooting the lacrosse ball, or even simply running – the pain would seem to get worse.

Phil worked with Miles to get his mechanics right, and he learned in time not only how bad it had gotten for him, but just how much better he could feel. And now, after diligently working to get better with the staff at Alliance PT, he is pain free — and he knows that he is free to get better! He says, “I’ve become far stronger, faster, and experienced than I thought I would. With Phil, I learned the importance of flexibility and mobility rather than just strength. Phil taught me to run without pain — without him I wouldn’t have been able to sustain the volume of exercise it requires to become a Division 1 college athlete.”

Alliance PT is Portland, Maine’s go-to for physical therapy. Situated in Martin’s Point’s Portland Health Care Center, we’re here to get you healthy – and happy – once again! If you’re in need of physical therapy services, do not hesitate to contact us today!

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