It can be a truly scary feeling to have your first episode of severe low back pain. Most people respond by either resting completely or pushing through it. Those who push through it will often resort to doing lots of “stretches” in an effort to make it feel better. While this helps in some cases, in others, like Joann’s, it might not help at all. Joann came to Alliance PT having suffered through four weeks of back pain. She had never experienced an issue like this before, and she tried stretching a number of ways without relief. Joann worked with Austin who listened carefully, and after a thorough evaluation, was able to explain to Joann not just the cause of her pain but how she could fix it. After a few weeks of sessions Joann’s back pain was significantly less intense.

“The staff at Alliance PT were amazing. Very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly, Kerry was helpful in scheduling all of my appointments. And I felt very lucky to be able to work with Austin. He was very dedicated to alleviating my pain. Encouraging and supportive, he pushed me when I needed it. I would definitely recommend Alliance PT – in fact I already have to family members and coworkers!” Joann L.

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